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School House System

There are four houses:
Blue = Hedley
Green = Thring
Red = Gwilliam
Yellow = Mansbridge
Children are put into a house when they enter School. There is a great tradition behind these houses and each child is encouraged to find out about the history.


We now have a tradition of selecting the top performing children in Year 6 to become Prefects. Not all children become Prefects only those who have shown amongst other traits:

  • Very high standards of academic achievement
  • Exceptional behaviour
  • Compassion to others
  • The ability to achieve above and beyond what is expected of them

As part of the Prefect structure we also have

  • A Head boy
  • A Head girl
  • A Deputy Head boy
  • A Deputy Head girl

These are children chosen by the members of staff at St James’ who go beyond the requirements stated previously and have been able to maintain these during their time at school.